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n. Word for ​​Word

​​Verbatim is a template for Microsoft Word designed to facilitate paperless debating. It's in use by the vast majority of college debate programs, as well as almost every summer high school debate institute. Verbatim 4+ is completely compatible with the Open Paperless Project – which means you can seamlessly use evidence from Verbatim with other OPP compatible templates.

​Download Verbatim

Verbatim 5 - New Features (PC only, Mac coming soon)

Verbatim 5 is an enormous upgrade with dozens of new features and many bug fixes. It's been rewritten from scratch and optimized for Word 2013. Mac version coming soon!

Some of the highlights include:
*Automatic update checks to ensure you always have the latest version
*A setup wizard, troubleshooter for common problems, and a built-in interactive tutorial
*Caselist upload wizard - automatically combine speech docs, parse out cite entries, and upload docs to the wiki
*Built-in emailer for speech docs that automatically detects your opponents and judges
*Improved in-round features - like the ability to choose any document for a speech doc, automatically arrange windows, and estimate speech times
*Vastly improved Virtual Tub system - paste the contents of your documents without opening them
*Integrated full-text search capability
*Coauthoring functions improved to allow direct bi-directional access to PaDS from Word
​*Built-in audio recording - keep an archive of every speech
*Integrated OCR functionality for locked PDF's, google books, etc.
*An automatic underliner that underlines a card based on the tag

PC - Word 2010 or Word 2013. Word 2007 is not supported.
Mac - coming soon. Word 2011+ will be required. Word 2008 is not supported.

​​Other Downloads

​​Verbatim Manual – Old manual for version 4.6. New online manual for version 5.0 coming soon.


Verbatim 5.0 Standalone Template (PC) – For performing a manual installation on the PC if the above package doesn’t work for you.

NavPaneCycle.exe - Utility for cycling heading levels in the Word Navigation Pane. PC only, for performing a standalone installation.

Timer.exe​ - Most recent version of Alex Gulakov’s Debate Synergy Timer. PC only, for performing a standalone installation.​


Verbatim 4.6 Standalone Template (Mac)​ – For performing a manual installation on the Mac if the above package doesn’t work for you. This is a more recent version than the Mac installer package.

Older Versions