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A free, open-source platform for paperless debate, built as templates for Microsoft Word and Excel.

Read the manual.

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Latest Version

Download the latest automatic installer, which includes the main Word template, and Verbatim Flow, a flowing template for Excel. For PC, optionally download the plugins pack that includes the Verbatim Timer, OCR, Search plugins, and more.

Installation instructions.



If you get a virus alert when downloading Verbatim, it’s a false positive. This may happen AFTER you run the installer and open Verbatim, and it may not notify you, so check your antivirus after installation. See the section of the online manual on Verbatim and Antivirus.

Older versions (not recommended).

Setup Check Tool

See the manual section on macro security for usage information on managing your settings.

Verbatim Setup Check tool (PC)

Verbatim Setup Check tool (Mac)

Verbatim Uninstaller (Mac)

Verbatim Timer

Included in the Plugins pack for PC. Use these for Mac, Linux, or standalone installation on PC.

Verbatim Timer (PC)

Verbatim Timer (Mac)

Verbatim Timer (Linux)

Manual Installation Files

Use for manual installation. Only use if you know what you’re doing and can’t use the automated installers for some reason.

Manual Installation Files



Intel, scouting, and open source evidence for your debate community.


openCaselist contains caselists for:
NDCA HS Policy

and the Open Evidence Project.

Cite Creator

Tired of typing citations? Try the Cite Creator browser extension for Chrome or Firefox.

Cite Creator is a cross-browser extension that produces cites for use in high school or college debate, using information in html tags or page info, and copies them to the clipboard. It has both automatic and manual modes, and outputs cites that work well with Verbatim. It works on both PC and Mac.

Get the extension for Chrome/Edge/Brave or Firefox.


Verbatim, openCaselist and everything else here is maintained by Aaron Hardy. Questions, feedback, bug reports, and feature requests are always welcome.


Having issues? Check the Verbatim Manual. If that doesn’t answer your question, use the form below, or send an email to

If you have a troubleshooting question, please include your operating system, version of Word, and version of Verbatim.

You do not need to email to be added to openCaselist, you can add a school yourself with the link on the sidebar.

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