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For more than a decade, lots of money and thousands of volunteer hours have gone into creating and maintaining Verbatim, openCaselist, and the Open Evidence Project as free resources for the debate community.

No donations are expected, but they’re always appreciated. If you feel so inclined, click the button below to help keep these resources free and up-to-date.

If you don’t have the money, or only have a few dollars to spare, don’t send it here – use it to directly support your local team going to more tournaments. Pay entry fees, tip your bus driver.

But if you’re from a well-off program, have the resources to travel frequently, or otherwise have a little disposable income to help support worthwhile projects for the community, please consider sending a few dollars a year.

Each year, we’ll also choose a speech and debate organization working to increase access to speech and debate for underprivileged groups, and re-donate any excess funds that exceed the cost to maintain this site.