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No timer is included in the most recent versions of Verbatim. If you have a timer from an earlier version, it is recommended you uninstall and stop using it. In earlier versions of the installer package (PC only), Verbatim bundled the “Debate Synergy” timer v. 1.5 created by Alex Gulakov as part of the Debate Synergy template and released for free under the GPL 3. That software was released in 2010 and the version that was included in Verbatim has not been modified since that time. I do not have the source code, and had nothing to do with its creation.

At this point, the assertion that the Synergy timer includes a bitcoin miner is an unsubstantiated rumor. I do not have any independent confirmation that is the case. It has been suggested as an explanation for why the process seems to use more memory than it should, but I do not have the source code to the timer and cannot verify that.

Either way, out of an abundance of caution the timer has been removed, will not be included in any future versions of Verbatim, and I do not recommend using it. Instead, I am working on an open source replacement that will be released in a future Verbatim update. The Synergy timer was only included in older packages as a convenience, because it was the timer everyone was already using at the time. Going forward, Verbatim will never include software or add-ons that are not open source.

I do not have contact information for Alex Gulakov to seek clarification on this. If anyone can confirm this rumor either way, I will post an update here.

If you have an older PC version, you can uninstall the Synergy timer by deleting Timer.exe in your Templates folder.