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Some virus scanners (especially Microsoft and Norton/Symantec) may give a false positive virus alert when downloading or trying to use Verbatim. Recently, Microsoft in particular has gotten much more aggressive at flagging false positives with files that contain VBA macros.

Don’t worry, it’s completely safe – there is nothing harmful in Verbatim. False positives are just due to auto-detection rules when an installer contains a file with macros. If you’re still concerned, Verbatim is open source – you can read every line of code in it if you’re so inclined or perform a manual installation rather than using the installer package.

Each new release of Verbatim is submitted to antivirus companies for approval, so the alerts usually go away.
In the interim, you’re best off using your antivirus settings to “whitelist” Verbatim. You may need to reinstall Verbatim after doing so.