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My Debate ribbon is collapsing into sections

You have “Touch Mode” turned on in Word. Turn it off by following the directions here:

Why does Gmail mark my Mac Verbatim files as having a virus?

Gmail recently changed their virus scanner, and are now reporting false positives for files produced in Mac Verbatim. There is unfortunately nothing I can do – Gmail is in complete control of what they mark as a virus and what they don’t. The files being...

What versions of Word work with Verbatim?

Windows – Verbatim 5.3+ will work with Word 2010, Word 2013, or Word 2016. Mac – Verbatim 5.2+ will work with Mac Word 2011 or Mac Word 2016. Verbatim requires a “full” version of Microsoft Office (Office 365 or regular), which includes support for VBA...