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I’ve heard the built-in timer has a bitcoin miner?

No timer is included in the most recent versions of Verbatim (v5.1.1). A brand new cross-platform open source timer will be released alongside Verbatim 6. In earlier versions of the installer package (PC only), Verbatim bundled the “Debate Synergy” timer...

Mac – My document keeps jumping to the top of the page

This is due to a bug in Mac Word, not in Verbatim. It occurs if you’re in Web view, with the Navigation Pane turned on. The easiest fix is to switch to Draft view, or turn off the Navigation Pane. You can set your default view to Draft in the Verbatim...

My Debate ribbon is collapsing into sections

You have “Touch Mode” turned on in Word. Turn it off by following the directions here: